Calibration Service

Process reliability in the screwdriving technology

  • process reliable
  • precise
  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 conform
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 conform
  • standardized calibration methods

Testing and Calibration of your Test Devices

Roughly 12 kilos of screws are used in the construction of a medium sized vehicle. Precision and stability is vital for these components! If brakes fail, a resulting accident could have catastrophic effects.

A calibration at DEPRAG assures the reliable measuring results of the test devices use in your facility. Competent service with the required traceability to National Standards.

DEPRAG has an accredited calibration laboratory, where for example DAkkS-calibrations according to DIN 51309 for passive transducers are performed.

To assure the measurement quality of your screw-connections during production, we also offer besides our calibration laboratory also the factory calibration of a complete measuring chain.

Services Overview

Calibration Service for Test Equipment

Calibration for torque ranges 0,01 Nm to 500 Nm. After in-depth testing and recalibration the platform or measuring instrument is returned to the manufacturer along with a factory- or DAkkS calibration certificate on which the exact details of the calibration test results are documented.
You may rest assured that your testing equipment controls the quality of your screw-connections throughout the production process.

Services in our Calibration Laboratory DAkkS

Our accredited calibration laboratory performs factory- and DAkkS-calibrations according for torque-transducer according to the validated procedures of DIN 51309 and VDI/VDE 2646. The results are shown in a calibration certificate, which contains all measuring values and the corresponding measurement uncertainties.

According to the application and the required measuring uncertainty, more or less costly calibration procedures can be performed. Those procedures differ by the load direction, that number of the mounting positions, as well as the attainable measuring uncertainties.

Additional Information can be found in our Product Catalog Services D 3330.

Additional Information:

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