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Gluing for motor-gear-units on vacuum cleaner brushes

Required Process:

Press-insertion of a guide roller and the insertion of a downholder for the drive belt, as well as applying adhesive and activator on two gear areas. This gluing station is part of an assembly system, where all stations are connected through a transfer system. The communication of the transfer-system is handled by a read-write system. The read-write system assures that every process includes the necessary operating steps and confirms this at the next station.

Using three workstation, it was possible to achieve a cycle time of less than 10 seconds per part.

The supply of the guide-roller and the downholder is done automatically by two Vibratory Feeders. The placement of the gear-box with the guide roller and the down holder is done by two Press-Insertion Systems.

Assembly Sequence:

Station 1:
Feeding and press-insertion of the reverse-pulley and downholder

Station 2:
Rotating dosage of the glue into the two bearing shells.

Station 3:
Rotating dosage of the activator into the two bearing shells.

The setting time is documented again on the data-block located on the pallet,to avoid the delayed setting of the bearings into the bearing shells (subsequent operating step). Setting of bearings at the next station cannot occur later than three minutes after glue/activator has been applied; otherwise the curing process has already started.

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