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Assembly machine for automotive head rests


Required Process:

Assembly of the magnetic release-unit on an automotive headrest with 8 stations. This machine includes press-insertion, screwdriving, centering, different part handling systems and a camera supervision system.

Station 1:
At this station, the Operator manually loads the base body, cover, magnet, as well as the manual contact of the power cable.

Station 2:
Part positioning control; also the automatic feeding and press-insertion of the dowel pin

Station 3:
Automatic feeding and placement of a Heli-Coil spring and a catch.

Station 4:
A ratchet is automatically fed and then placed onto the sub-assembled parts

Station 5:
The housing cover of the release-unit is picked from a parts pallet and accurately placed

Station 6:
Testing of the retention force and measurement of the release time, which has to be shorter than 10 milliseconds to be acceptable.

Station 7:
Automatic printing and subsequent placement of a label.

Station 8:
This station is currently not used. It is prepared to accept the future integration of an auto-unload station.