Air Motors
Shoe manufacture made simple
Everyone needs them, everyone wears them

Screwdriving Technology
Vibratory spiral feeders and sword feeders delivered swiftly
Short delivery times for feeding technology

Screwdriving Technology
Prevent particle contamination of sensitive screw assembly components
Technical cleanliness in assembly processes

Air motors
High specification acid and heat resistant stainless steel motors
Ideal drive solutions for paper production


Air motors
Energy efficient drive design for any application
Performance testing supports selection of the right motor

Screwdriving Technology
Superior production quality guaranteed
On-site calibration – a trendsetter amongst service options

Screwdriving Technology
Ensure quality regulations are met by using DEPRAG EC-Servo screwdrivers
High safety requirements? Highest processing reliability!

Air motors
Stirring and mixing underwater
Dive in with the DEPRAG air motor!