Flat Head Wrench

The solution for limited accessibility

  • ergonomic
  • simple handling
  • low noise level
  • for space-limited access

Our flat head wrenches are preferably used for screw-assembly in space-limited areas.

The flat head wrenches are available with interchangeable socket inserts – also customer specific.
For tube- and pipe assemblies, we recommend the use of flat head wrenches with an open head. The different head-length (L) allows the adaptation of the driver to many different access locations.

If the supply-air is shut-off, then the tool can be used to retighten a connection.

Typical applications for flat head wrenches are any hose- and pipe-assemblies requiring connector nuts, such as is the case in the automotive assembly.

Flat Head Wrenches

  • Design: closed head
    Torque range: up to max. 48 Nm
    for screw-sizes of M3 (AF5) - M18 (AF27)

PDF Product Catalog D3550   Product Details

Further information:

Product Information: PDF Product Catalog D3550
Accessories (Socket Inserts): PDF Product Catalog D3320