Impact Screwdriver

The traditional tool for a fast, low-reaction force tightening

  • highly durable
  • powerful
  • easy to operate
  • ergonomic

Our impact screwdriver – the traditional tool for a fast, low-reaction-force assembly – assures a fatigue-proof tightening and loosening of fasteners size M6 to M36.

Our impact screwdrivers are designed for assemblies in the production- and service industries.

They are versatile and these robust tools are well suited for high demands in the areas of durability and ergonomics in industrial environments. These application areas include the automotive industry, body-shops, foundries, quarries, construction- and machine building industries.

Impact Screwdriver

  • Design execution: Pistolgrip
    Torque range: 90 Nm - 1400 Nm
    for screw sizes from M6 to M30


Impact Screwdriver

  • Design execution: Fistgrip
    Torque range: 1,450 Nm - 2,100 Nm
    for screw sizes from M20 to M36

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